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Detroit Attractions- Motown Historical Museum

Detroit Attractions- Motown Historical Museum   by James C
in Travel    (submitted 2007-02-11)

Detroit Michigan is home to many world class attractions. There is no shortage of things for visitors to see and to do in Detroit. One very popular attraction is the Motown Historical Museum. It is one of those places that you simply must see because of the incredible history that is contained within its walls. Keep reading this article and learn about what you can see at the museum and why you should go for a visit.
The Motown Historical Museum was founded in 1985 by a woman named Esther Gordy Edwards. She founded the museum to help preserve the rich history of the Motown Record Corporation and to educate area youth on the values of creativity and entrepreneurship. The museum attracts thousands of interested visitors each and every year. The home of the museum is the house that was originally used by Berry Gordy Jr to record music. The house was originally dubbed Hitsville USA by Mr. Gordy. Inside the house you will find a number of interesting attractions. You can see photographs, costumes, art and music from this exciting era in music history. For example, you can see the original recording studio used by such artists as the Supremes, Stevey Wonder and the Jackson 5. The studio has been left just as it was including the worn out linoleum. You can also see the costumes made famous by the artists who used the studio. The museum is a treasure trove of historical musical artifacts waiting to be enjoyed by you. Take the time to visit the museum when you come to Detroit. You will not regret it.
If you would like to visit the museum you can find it at 2648 W. Grand Boulevard in Detroit. Ticket prices are currently $8 for adults and $5 for children but you should call the information line to get current prices. The information line is 313-875-2264.

 please check for updated pricing

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